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~Disc Dogs~

Let's go play Frisbee!

A community for Frisbee Dogs!
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A community for Disc dogs, or Frisbee dogs, what ever you want to call them. :)
I surfed around LJ, and I could not find a community devoted to Frisbee dogs.

I have created this communiy in loving memory of my first frisbee dog Natasha.


All are welcome here, from the casual player to the pros!
This is a community for sharing training ideas, experiences, photos, triumphs, and losses.

I want this to be a true community dedicated to playing Frisbee with our dogs. Playing any game with your dog is a great way to bond, and burn off some of that extra energy.

All I ask is when you join to please do an introductory post.
Tell us about yourself and your dog(s)! Pictures are always welcome, but if posting more than one please use a cut. Also try to remember there are still some of us using dial up, so make sure your images aren't huge. :)
Please tag your intro post with "your username intro post".
That will make it easy to refer back to it if somone needs to.

With your participation, I think we can make this a really fun community!
With Takoda, Oskar
Dobermutt & Rott/Lab