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woo hoo.

afrogfordevi in discdogs

My favorite video yet: Wrenny December Disc

There are a few skips caused by the rendering-- sorry!

This is little Mini Wren learning basic frisbee stuff. I think she's pretty cute showing off her foundation skills!

Remember that this is a dog who initially appeared to be a grim frisbee prospect-- Wrenny went from having absolutely no interest in chasing anything, ever, and definitely not more than once, to being this "into it." This is the power of extremely short, supercharged sessions, frequent use of the Premack principle, and not pushing the dog. No, she's not to the point where she is so obsessed with the disc she can ignore everything else around her-- but with training, she'll be able to play with distractions. Moral of the story: don't give up on your dog!

She's also doing great with the walking on hind legs trick-- she can even twirl and all, I just forgot to get clips of it! Ah well, next video. :D

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WOW ok WOW! That's a great video, and you are right you can't give up on them.

Great work!!!

Thank you so much! :D