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May. 10th, 2010

Discdog MOD


Anyone playing lately?

Since the days have been lovely, not too hot, not too cold, I've been getting back into playing with Takoda. 
I kind of lost the motivation for it after losing my first disc dog. It just wasn't the same without her... But that was selfish of me, and unfair to Takoda since he loves it so much. He's going to be 8 this month, and still has incredibly strong drive for the game. 

I just took some video of us playing out in the yard. I'll post them later. 

Anyone get any NEW good videos of your pooch playing frisbee lately? 
If so, please post them, and any other disc dog related news you can share. 


Feb. 27th, 2010

Discdog MOD


Winter fun?

So has anyone had their pups out to play frisbee in the snow? 

How about some pics or videos? I know I'd love to see them. :)

Dec. 27th, 2008

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And the winner is.....

Percy Blanche the Perky Pomeranian
owned by bcbgirl with 14 votes!

Would anyone like to make an icon for the group using this photo of Percy?
If not that's ok I'll make one over the weekend.

Thanks for your participation!


Dec. 26th, 2008

Discdog MOD


Last chance

for votes! I will close the Poll sometime this evening!!!

Dec. 25th, 2008

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For anyone in the area...

There is a competition coming up on January 6th.

Here is the link.

Dec. 22nd, 2008



Videos of tricks

This is Tena and her dog Shayne. Shayne is a rescued border collie mutt.
Tena is I think around 22. She organized the group Steel city disc dogs, and is the one who taught the seminar back in May that we went to.

Here is a video of her playing with Shayne. She was just learning how to do the back vault.

Discdog MOD


Photo contest

Ok, back in July I posted this: http://community.livejournal.com/discdogs/14282.html

That was July. Since then my mom passed away, we moved to her house which involved emptying her house, while packing our house, and then moving. We were without internet access till last month... so I am late in posting this. Sorry.

We had a couple entries. Now it's time to vote.
The winning photo will be made into the new community Icon.

Poll will be closed on Friday!

Photo # 1 is Percy Blanche the Pomeranian owned by bcbgirl</lj> 

Photo # 2 is Roxy the Border Collie owned by ochibawolf</lj> 

Photo # 3 is Luna the white GSD owned by ochibawolf</lj> 

F.Y.I. I am posting about this contest in several of the dog communities so we can get more votes, and hopefully more members. :)
Poll #1319428 disc dog photo contest

Vote for your fave

# 1 Percy
# 2 Roxy
# 3 Luna



Is one year since I had my first disc dog, Tasha put down.
I created this group in memory of her, but I don't know that I ever explained her.

She was 13 when I had to let her go. She had been diagnosed with a tumor on her thyroid in May of 07. Usually when they are diagnosed the dog only has a few months, but Tash surprised us all. The main thing is to keep them eating since there is an obstruction.
I fed her anything I could to keep her going. I almost think she fought so hard because of her love of me. I'd had her momma, so Tash was mine from breath #1. She was the last pup born, and she was different from everyone else. I knew she was special.

She was so attached to me that I created a monster so to speak. When I would leave her she became destructo dog.
That was till I finally realized that it was MY fault she was like this, and discovered that smart dogs NEED a job to do. SO I started to teach her to chase a frisbee. It just grew from there. I would run her butt off before I left for work, and she stopped eating my stuff.

For a while I was training her to be a SAR dog. There was an organization down the road from us, and they encouraged it.
After about 2 years I discovered that they weren't all they weren't a very good organization.

But in those 2 years, I put a lot of work in to Tash. She would search and find. Frisbee was her ultimate reward. When training, the "missing person" would hide with a disc, and when she found them, and alerted me to that, she would get the disc.

We always played for the love of it. I kind of think it was because of her life of being an athlete that she was ablet o fight the cancer for so long. If it wasn't for that tumor, I have no doubt she would still be alive today. Most people had no idea she was as old as she was. She would've been still chasing the frisbee while she was sick. She wanted to. But I was afraid that she wouldn't be able to get enough air, so she was retired after her diagnosis. Because of that, Takoda had to take time off too. I felt funny even touching a disc after she passed. But, I knew that Takoda loved it as much as she did, so we got back into it. Takoda grew up playing with her. Now Oskar is into it too. (Although he isn't as graceful.)

Here are a couple pics of my girl. 

This photo was taken the weekend after her diagnosis. You would never guess she was 12. 
I love how happy they look in this pic. 


I'm going to try to post more so we can gett his group more active. :)
My team's founder has videos on youtube I will post here where she demonstrates some free style moves.

Dec. 11th, 2008

woo hoo.


My favorite video yet: Wrenny December Disc

There are a few skips caused by the rendering-- sorry!

This is little Mini Wren learning basic frisbee stuff. I think she's pretty cute showing off her foundation skills!

Remember that this is a dog who initially appeared to be a grim frisbee prospect-- Wrenny went from having absolutely no interest in chasing anything, ever, and definitely not more than once, to being this "into it." This is the power of extremely short, supercharged sessions, frequent use of the Premack principle, and not pushing the dog. No, she's not to the point where she is so obsessed with the disc she can ignore everything else around her-- but with training, she'll be able to play with distractions. Moral of the story: don't give up on your dog!

She's also doing great with the walking on hind legs trick-- she can even twirl and all, I just forgot to get clips of it! Ah well, next video. :D

Crossposted to thedogcommunity.

Nov. 19th, 2008

Discdog MOD


Useful Link

Hello all, I hope you have been having a pleasant autumn, Has anyone been playing frisbee with their furry friends?

I found a link I thought might be helpful. It contains a list of Disc Dog clubs through out the county. 
Maybe you will find one near you!


Lets see some new disc dog pics!

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